September 23, 2012

Sex Story Philippines: Collection of the Finest Tagalog Sex Stories Online

Welcome to Sex Story Philippines is a blog dedicated to archive the most erotic Filipino sex stories published online by various authors. Sex Story Philippines will re-share various.
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Philippines Sex Story Collection: The Origin

There have been various online websites or Filipino erotic story portals that have literally come and go. The finest of them are PinoyLiterotica and PSErotica which have been the two top destinations when a Filipino want to get some Tagalog sex stories fix. Unfortunately, these websites have been under-performing lately, and even has shut down completely. Filipino sex story readers can only speculate what could have happened for this portals to disappear. Well its probably because of these reasons: (1) Lack of funding - These websites have .coms and as a webmaster myself maintaining a website with its own domain name and even hosting cost money. These sites might have shudown for the failure to meet the financial requirements to run the website; (2) Moralists Taking Over Conspiracy - Well this is just a thought but there could possibly be a number out there in the worldwide web mobilizing attacking these website because of such stories are corrupting the minds of the moral and innocent minds of our youth. Well, it is probably true, but that is what makes it so good. A guilty pleasure... a taboo. There might have been various online personalities or group cracking down on these websites trying to censor the web. Well hopefully, this remains to be just my own conspiracy as to why Filipino sex story websites are shutting down; (3) Last and definitely not the least, and the main reason why a Tagalog erotic literary website dies is when the owner of the site has "seen the light", has turned a new leaf, or became a dedicated person of religion. All hopes of return are loss when this happen. This is why the Sex Story Philippines to at least save the stories from disappearing in the worldwide web. We archive every Tagalog sex stories we've encountered online. Are we plagiarizers? No! we do not claim any ownership of the said Philippne erotic lterature. We will credit the authors who usually take online pseudonyms to also protect their identities. Readers and visitors of Sex Story Philippines when a sex story is repost or not. Maybe in the future we will start our own Tagalog Erotic series but for now our aim is to archive ever Filipino sex story piece online.